Moving Kids to Learn - Math - staff development session

Give your staff techniques they can REALLY use:
a kinesthetic approach to help ALL their types of
learners grasp math concepts!

Hands on/ Bodies on activities and a"real world" approach they can immediately put to work.
One hour to 3 hour sessions available onsite or for conference break out sessions.
CEUs available*

Ya gotta Move 'em or you'll Lose 'em!

Marcey Walsh was the keynote at the Detroit Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics Elementary Mini-Conference
in March. Evaluations from all participants were extremely positive. Marcey had this diverse group of mathematicians
focused, engaged,laughing and learning! I would highly recommend Marcey Walsh for presentations and workshops.

Mathematically yours,

Dr. Mary F. Zeppelin
Oakland University
Elementary Vice President
Detroit Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will understand and recognize the three types of learning styles.
  • Participants will learn to develop kinesthetic learning activities
  • Participants will explore how to integrate kinesthetic activities into lesson plans on a daily basis.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of Moving Kids to Learn- Math you will be able to:

  • List and describe the three primary learning styles
  • Identify your personal learning style
  • Recognize and identify student learning styles using verbal cues and body language cues
  • Illustrate three variations on a given learning activity to reach all types of student learners
  • Develop and demonstrate a kinesthetic activity addressing a personal teaching challenge
  • Discuss how kinesthetic components can increase scores on standardized tests
  • Identify ways to use existing school resources to facilitate large motor activities
  • Discuss the positive implications of integration of learning styles based teaching methods on
    student performance in school and in life

Outcomes will be measured by participation in group discussions, demonstrations of activities developed and paper assessments.

"This year our DACTM K-6 Dinner Conference was attended by nearly one hundred current and future teachers. Attendees began the evening by selecting one of six work sessions. This was followed by a very nice dinner. The keynote session that followed dinner was an exciting energy lift for everyone after a long day of school.

Marcey Walsh burst upon the room with contagious energy. Marcey’s actions and explanations offered an interesting look at why students should not be asked to sit perfectly still when they are thinking and solving math problems. She talked about, and demonstrated, a wide variety of kinetic actions that can help students think and be creative while they are exploring problems. She had us out of our seats and participating in problem solving. It was fun and thought provoking.

Bill Gates is known to rock back-and-forth when in he is thinking deeply about a problem. Imagine if a teacher had told Bill to sit still! Marcey’s “Move ‘Em or Lose ‘Em!” keynote was a demonstration of how kinesthetic activities can help students learn and problem solve" . Dick Sietz, DACTM


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